Saturday, January 1, 2011

Molon labe

From the Greek. Wikipedia defines it much better than I can, so have at it. Roughly, it translates to "come and take it" The english/american phrase that comes closest is "over my dead body". It is said to be the response of King Leonides, when ordered to surrender his arms at the Hot Gates. While molon labe is obviously a rallying cry for gun rights advocates, I want to use it here a little differently.
I haven't flown in almost 10 years, not because of 9-11, (I actually flew about 3 weeks after), but because I can't afford to. But the day, about 4 years ago, when they made my then 86 year old father, hunched over and barely able to walk, take off his shoes to go through a security checkpoint, was the day that I swore that I would never fly again. I understand that many people have to fly for business, but the millions of people who still fly everyday, and welcome the idiotic security measures instituted by an out of control Federal Government, really make me sick. Maybe they really believe that this crap is making them safer, but I suspect, deep down, that they know that it's all a show, some sick twisted, right is wrong, up is down, black is white, war is peace psychobabble crap. We need to start fighting back, hard, every day, in every way, or else all is lost.
Molon labe... come and take it... over my dead body... when you pry it from my cold dead hands..... come on, make me.

A new year, a new plan....

And so it begins. A year of sitting on the sidelines, stewing in my own juices, mad at the world. I'm ready for a little sedition.
These are my musings, to myself. The plan needed to drag us back from the brink. Right now, I figure the plan has got about a 3.2% chance of success. I'll start one person at a time. I don't care anymore. There's nothing left to lose. My liberal friends will think me mad.... so be it. My husband will think I'm off my rocker, but that's nothing new. So here goes......
Testing, Testing.......1...2....3..... Can you hear me know?